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Performs all kinds of accounting operations
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Organize the finance, inventory and other aspects of a small or medium business. Upload and manage relevant documentation, create employee database, check and send invoices, perform multi-currency conversions, etc. Calculate VAT and other taxes. The suite works with Indian accounting standards.

BusyLS is a comprehensive accounting software package. The included number of tools and features makes it a great tool for any company. There are three editions: Basic, Standard, and Premium for small businesses, traders and retailers, and Mfg. & Excise units.

The features of the program can be evaluated in sections: Administration, Transactions, Display, Printing, and House Keeping. Administration, as the name denotes, gives us various settings, such as add or edit users for a company (or the database), data freezing, etc. In voucher configuration, there are predefined voucher series like Sales, Purchases records, Journal, Contra, etc. We can add custom series too. Transactions menu is for sales, purchase records, payment receipts, etc., and has only three options: add, edit, and modify. The VAT Journal is an important feature. The Display menu is for the various report preparations, and House-keeping is for the database file maintenance. The submenus with all the items were specially made for big companies help in easy management of all transactions.

Help is available for each and every option in CHM format. A "knowledge documents" section has been included as a separate help file, giving much information about the sales tax, VAT, excise duty, etc. Most of the information is suited for Indian and South Asian countries.

The program is fairly fast and doesn't use up more memory so it can be installed in older systems as well. Not incompatibilities are found with Windows versions including 64-bit Windows 7. The software installation is completely portable, and the database files are available in its folder. Thus, we can easily backup everything. If you are a company based in India or in and South Asian countries, you must have a try.

Zack Martin
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  • Portable installation
  • Fast access to database
  • Needs less memory and processor speeds
  • Fair price


  • Poor GUI / Interface
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